Mar 22

Girl showing the bulge of the bicep

The Tallest Known Living Women
(women who are 6’6 1/2″ / 200cm or over)
Please note that the measurements in feet/inches do not fully correspond with the figures given in centimeters. Apart from that I can’t give any guarantees that the figures and stats below are correct! If there are mistakes please let me know so I can correct them.
I hope that I haven’t given the impression that women are hereby solely reduced to numbers. This has never been my intention. I must admit I love statistics though!
Should you be listed here without your knowledge and against your wish please get in touch with me and I will remove your entry. This website is intended to help ladies like you – not to endanger your privacy or personal integrity!
Three of the Tallest Ladies in the World have died in the past few years. Please take the time to visit the “Virtual Memorials” for 7’9″ De-Fen Yao, 7’7 1/4″ Sandy Allen and 7’2″ Margo Dydek.

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